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Eleonora Pulcini Fine Art has a new home.

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A Complicated Story

Eleonora Pulcini is an artist who was born and grew up in Rome, Italy. As a child she always had an innate passion for the arts which developed throughout her teenage years. Having deciding to pursue a scientific education, Eleonora was unable to resist her passion for painting and she moved to Melbourne Australia to realize her dream and become a full time artist.
Her scientific background has influenced the way she interprets the surrounding world; the study of the behavior of colors, lights and shadows in the world of perspective geometry is the template for her paintings. Sparks of inspiration for Eleonora's art are derived from literature, a mathematical principle, a physics law, a song, a movie or documentary, reality and dreams. Her creations convey strong messages.
She personally left everything behind in Rome, starting a new life on the other side of the world with nothing but a willingness and ambition to follow her dreams and pursue the career she wanted. Nostalgic childhood family memories come to life through vibrant and dreamy interpretations of the concept of “Family”. Her paintings are predominantly oil on canvas and her signature work consists of bright, bold colors with a very rich textured effect achieved with generous quantities of oil paint applied straight from the tubes to the canvas with her fingers and palette knives.

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